Jul. 06, 2023 / Press Release

HARRISBURG- Rep. Ann Flood (R-Northampton) last evening in Harrisburg voted “no” on the budget bill that was approved by the House.

“I am incredibly disappointed in the irresponsible state budget that was passed,” said Flood. “We are not funding the needs of the people and I feel that the implemented budget priorities set forth by House Democrats are misguided.

“Gov. Josh Shapiro said he will line-item veto funding for a program that would have provided scholarships to students stuck in the state’s lowest-performing schools, caving on his own campaign promise to help these children.

“Not only will struggling students not have the opportunity to choose where they attend school, this plan is a 6% increase in spending over last year’s budget. This level of spending is unsustainable and would undoubtedly lead to more taxes for the people of Pennsylvania.”

Flood also shared additional concerns she has surrounding the state budget.

“In addition to a lack of funding to help our most vulnerable students have options to a higher quality education, we are facing a workforce crisis. Our community colleges will only see a 2% increase in funding. We had the opportunity to provide more funding and support to these institutions that can educate people from our communities quickly and get them into the Pennsylvania workforce.

“Although I was happy to see an increase in funding for community waivers for individuals with intellectual disabilities, there is absolutely no sign of increased funding for the direct support

providers who provide critical care to those with disabilities, which would lead to an even larger workforce shortage.”

Flood also noted that the General Appropriations Act for fiscal year 2023-24, once enacted, will fund Commonwealth functions for the fiscal year ending June 30, 2024. Without the passage of an accompanying Fiscal Code, discretion over how these funds are to be distributed largely lies with the governor.

“This is incredibly irresponsible, as we have no idea how or where this money will be spent due to the lack of transparency from House Democrats,” she added.

The budget bill is pending the governor’s signature to become law.

Representative Ann Flood
138th Legislative District
Pennsylvania House of Representatives

Media Contact: Jordan Walters
www.RepFlood.com / Facebook.com/RepAnnFlood