Oct. 05, 2023

HARRISBURG – As a member of the House Appropriations Committee, Rep. Ann Flood (R-Northampton) participated in an outrageous Appropriations Committee meeting that took place late last night while people were sleeping and after the House had adjourned for the day. On a party-line vote, the committee advanced two amended election-related bills that would, among other things, move up next year’s Pennsylvania primary to March 19 and establish a voter identification system.
Flood issued the following statement regarding the committee’s highly questionable actions:

“I fully support voter ID, but unfortunately could not support this legislation because the committee process was extremely flawed and a glaring example of bad government. I am outraged by the decision made by the majority chairman and his Democrat members to ram an amendment through our committee on such short notice and with very little debate. 

“The amendment would create automatic, permanent mail-in balloting for anyone who requests it just one time, until they opt out. Also under the proposal, live ballots with no signature required will be sent out to voters who may have passed away or moved, creating an opportunity that is ripe for election fraud. 

“Nothing good happens late at night. We were handed the amendment only minutes before the meeting began. The Democrat members could not defend why they were moving this significant amendment 15 minutes before midnight. Their legislation would throw the upcoming election into chaos for our counties. This amendment should have been fully considered by the whole committee, but we were not given that chance.

“Shame on the Democrat committee members for shutting us out of the process. By doing so, they have effectively silenced the voices of the people we represent. Their actions also show they have no intention to be transparent. That is not the way our democracy is supposed to work. We should, and must, do better.”

Representative Ann Flood
138th Legislative District
Pennsylvania House of Representatives

Media Contact: Will Jones
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